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BQLUB Helping People is a cutting-edge marketing and brand promotion organization working since 2009 in the corporate world, providing innovative business development solutions to its clients for their brand building, network strengthening, and increased profitability. With our fresh and innovative marketing concepts, we have built a strong and reliable network of corporate relationships that have benefitted equally from my networks.

BQLUB was established with the motto of providing a large network of deals to a common man to meet a range of their daily needs. It had contributed to raising the standard of a common man and successfully made them a part of the biggest buyer-seller network of India, which is BQLUB membership. We help build the bridge between the members having similar interests on a common platform to create opportunities for mutual benefits. We have done it before and we can do it now.


In 2009, BQLUB launched a discount card way ahead of the time, and before the advent of smartphone-based coupon systems which was a huge success. More than 4000 vendors from Delhi and NCR joined our network of discount system including Dominos, DLF, Alps fitness and beauty centre, NIIT education institutions, automobile companies, among others.

Our exhaustive list of partners can be reviewed Here


BQLUB had come out with with an idea of saving money without compromising with choice and quality. BQLUB Discount Card is the tool of a member by which one can save a large amount on the spending with the ease. This is a preference which will be given to its member by our discount card in various segments like food outlets, hotels, banquet halls, clothing, foot wears, gyms, parlour, entertainment, hospitals, etc. B-member enjoyed a discount season throughout the year as we made a luxurious life affordable and help in reducing the fear of excess monetary outflow.


In 2016, BQLUB is relaunching its B-Member loyalty and reward card in its new avatar. This card is your one-stop solution to any purchase ranging from restaurants, hotels, clothing line, spa, gym and fitness, entertainment, policy, transportation, and real estate. The B-members not only get a certain amount of discount on every use of the card but also avail additional cash-back on each transaction.

Given the technological advancements since our first launch, all of the facilities of the B-Card will be available through three media:

  • Online System
  • Card System
  • Mobile App

A world-class technology system will be deployed in India for the first time to ensure 100% security and transparency for the vendors and members.